Top Rated Men’s Hiking Boots

Top Rated Men’s Hiking Boots

Having a good pair of hiking boots is essential to your comfort and confidence when your out on a trail somewhere. Knowing that you’re wearing a stable, durable, and reliable pair of boots will always give you the determination to trek on until your goal is met. Carrying you through the thick and thin of wilderness wandering, until the peak is reached, and back again.

With all the brands to choose from out there in hiking boot land, it’s not easy finding a pair you know will work for you without putting a few miles in front of you. Top rated men’s hiking boots are definitely out there, so for the purpose of helping out my fellow man, I’m going to lay out my review on a few of the very best hikers on the market today. With that in mind I hope I can help you find that perfect boot that’ll last you years, and take you places you’ve been climbing to see.

Keen Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This Keen hiking boot is an award-winner that is now available with a wide fit. They’re a breathable boot that works well at keeping feet dry with KEEN Dry technology. These boots are well built for all day comfort with it’s metatomical footbed design technology, which gives great arch support, and helps cradle the foots natural contours. A great style boot with three color combinations, black olive/yellow, raven/tortoise shell, and shiitake/brindle.

Boot Features:

  • Nubuck leather waterproof upper
  • Hydrophonic mesh liner
  • Contoured heel lock
  • Non marking rubber sole/outsol
  • Metatomical dual density EVA footbed that’s removable
  • Breathable waterproof KEEN Dry membrane
  • Torsion stability ESS shank
  • Three great styles
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • (lowest price on Amazon)
  • 91 out of 100 personal rating

As far as the negative concerns with this particular Keen boot, it would be the breathability not being great, along with below average stability, and durability. When it comes to performance this boot stands up fairly well in its price range, and has been a best buy award winner in the past, and does remains a favorite among the hiking community.

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Newton Ridge Plus is by far the highest rated boot, and most popular in the Columbia line up. With it’s durable, lightweight, and waterproof features this leather hiker will carry you with comfort for years to come. This boot will seal out the weather, is breathable, and has a shank under the arch for that extra support and stability. All in all a great product and definitely a top ten men’s hiking boot in the world in my opinion, especially for the price, and level of innovative technology.

Boot Features:

  • Polyurethane coated leather for durability, and longevity, with metal and mesh hardware upper, suede
  • Techlite (TM) long-lasting comfort, lightweight mid-sole
  • Omni-grip (TM) rubber out-sole with non-marking traction
  • Seal-seamed waterproof construction
  • Size 10 weighs less than 500 grams
  • 95 out of 100 personal rating
  • 96% of customers recommend this product
  • Price may vary depending on size.
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Several colorful styles at
  • Fits to size, most purchase half size bigger
  • Comes in standard and wide fit

Columbia makes great efforts at bringing you a quality product that’s stylish, functional, durable and comfortable. However, some of the negatives with this boot is it’s lack of colors to choose from, depending on where you make your purchase and what your shoe size is. For example if you have wider feet, or are shopping from a Canada website than there are only two colors.

The second negative is that these boots are not totally waterproof, once your deeper than where the laces start you will get some leakage on the top of your foot. At the end of the day though this is a great boot and continues to be a bestseller on Amazon, and is also considered an Amazon Choice product.

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Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Moab (which stands for “mother of all boots”) 2 is Merrell’s best-selling hiker, with it’s out of the box comfort, and durability. It provides great breathability for a waterproof hiker, has good traction on slippery terrain, which helps add to its versatility. This Merrell boot with it’s M Select technology is decently priced for the quality it provides and is reflected by its level of popularity in the hiking communities.

Boot Features:

  • Mesh and suede leather design
  • Trademark M Select Dry technology keeps water out while allowing foot to breath
  • Vibram sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber protective toe cap
  • Nylon arch shank
  • EVA contoured footbed with added arch and heel support
  • Bellows, closed- cell foam tongue
  • Refer to Amazon for best price
  • Comes in standard and wide fit
  • Many colors to choose from
  • 90 out of 100 personal rating

A few negative aspects to consider before purchasing these Merrell boots is that they have a weak warranty policy, a full refund is given if returned unworn in original packaging in the first 30 days. However, with any dissatisfaction of product or if there may be a defect you must first email or call during business hours, where you will then receive instructions on how to return them for inspection, which will take up to two weeks to complete.

The boots underfoot support is also something to be desired as it appears to be somewhat lackluster, and many reviews reflect the need to purchase a half size bigger to get an optimum fit. At the end of the day it’s quite clear that this boot is a popular choice for its durable and comfort qualities that it supplies, and would perform well with a hiking lifestyle.

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Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX

It’s of my opinion here, that I have saved the best for last with this hiking boots review. The X Ultra 3 Mid GTX is by far the best of this bunch, with Salomon’s stellar reputation and unparalleled quality you won’t go wrong with this boot. This Salomon bestseller has a formidable technology known as Descent Control, is one of the lightest in its category, and has a fantastic warranty, just to name a few.

Boot Features:

  • Running shoe comfort
  • Gore-Tex boot liner
  • Contragrip rubber grip
  • Increased flexibility
  • Ortholite foam and contoured EVA heel cups
  • Lightweight
  • Amazon has best pricing
  • 96 out of 100 personal rating
  • Incredible 2 year limited warranty
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Comes in wide fit

The negative concerns associated with these boots are somewhat minimal. Smooth surfaces can be difficult to obtain a good grip on, also they tend to not be very breathable in warmer conditions. The claim is that they fit true to size, but some have experienced that they fit a little small, so be sure to know your exact foot size and if you like to wear more than one pair of socks be sure to account for that as well.

Salomon has a passion for an outdoor lifestyle, and they are driven by sports, new technology, and craftsmanship, and have been doing so since 1947. Their purpose is honorable and have great values, and you can be sure that with any Salomon purchase they have your best interests at heart.

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So put your best boots on, and find your path!

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16 thoughts on “Top Rated Men’s Hiking Boots

  1. Hiking has been a hobby my wife and I have started within the last year. Discovering the importance of having the right gear was the mistake I made in my first few hikes. The right gear is critical, no question about it. I like the options presented here but there are two areas I would like to see improved: I would like pictures of the hiking boots and I want to know which one of the four options is your favorite and why. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Dear James, great article about top rated mens hiking boots.  I have been searching for a great pair of hiking boots for my boyfriend.  He hikes all the times and the pair he regularly wears is pretty much completely worn out.  I definitely need a high quality pair of boots as he hikes all the times. I am looking for a good brand name, durability, and comfort. Thanks for the review of these four amazing hiking boots.  I recognize all of these brands, as high quality and respected so I feel confidant purchasing any one of them.  But I think that the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are the ones I am going with, they just seem like awesome boots with a lot of great features.  I think my boyfriend will love these, his worn out pair are also Merrell so I know that he likes the brand. Thanks for reviewing all four of these boots side by side so I could easily decide which pair is perfect for him. 

  3. I completely agree with you. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX is definitely the best hiking boot. I can say this from my own experience since I’ve already gone to the hiking wearing Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX boot. It is very light to wear due to which it makes us less tired than wearing other heavy boots. Actually, I’ve not found any boots which are lighter than Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX.

  4. Good info on the importance of having a set of good hiking boots when on the trails.  Since there are so many options out there this article makes it a lot easier to make a good choice.

    I didn’t realize there were so many different boots available.  Your description of the features of each makes a person more knowledgeable and prepared prior to making a buying decision.

    Thanks so much for the detailed description on each pair of boots.  This article has been extremely helpful.

  5. Hi James, very good and informative article about men`s hiking boots. As you mentioned, it is very important that you have good hiking boots when you go hiking somewhere, especially this is important if you`ll use it every day. From your very percise written list I would choose the Columbia Newton Ridgetone Plus hiking boots; the price is reasonable, the boots have quality and they are also stylish. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. HI James,

    Thanks for this comparison review. I am most familiar with the Columbia boot line, and can tell you without a doubt they produce a fine boot. Mine were so lightweight I had doubts they would be durable and offer much protection in colder conditions . They did both extremely well. They wore like iron, and mine had a thin gortex liner that was surprising warm when tramping through that cold spring water. And they kept my feet dry as a bone. I wound not even hesitate to purchase another pair.But, now I see you brought the Salomon X Ultra 3 mid GTX to my attention, I just may give them a try!

    Thanks James!


  7. Cool post. My dad enjoys hiking and he has his special pair of boots, but it’s not any of these that you’ve mentioned. However, i just might bribe him to get one of these. They are reasonable prices and are pretty good. The boots have great features, and I like how you’ve stated both the pros and cons of them. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots sound great. and I like how it stands for mother of all boots. Lol. It’s funny!

    I really like your website, its a great niche.

  8. Thanks for your comment, just finished the finishing touches of the page, pictures and links have been added.

  9. Thanks for the comment, links have just been added. Salomon X Ultra would be an excellent choice, from my research they are an outstanding product. Good luck, and happy trails.

  10. Thanks for the comment. I agree that the Columbia Newton Ridge is a good boot for the price, I am contemplating making those my next purchase. Happy trails. 

  11. Thank you for your comment, links have just been added if your interested. I hope you find your path. Cheers.

  12. I am so glad you enjoyed the article, thank you. Links have just been added by the way. Happy trails.

  13. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. I have just finished posting pictures and links to the post. The Salomon X Ultra 3 is my favourite boot on this list, I have had very good experiences with the Salomon brand with my last pair lasting over ten years. And they have a cool history and great core values, check it out on one of my previous articles if you like ” Top Hiking Boot Brands “. Cheers.

  14. Hi James, we loved this site and the great reviews you gave about the different hiking boots. My family personally loves the Keen hiking boot. It also comes in kids sizes, which makes it great for taking the whole family out for a hike. Really good content you have here!

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