Top hiking boot brands

Top hiking boot brands

Hiking boots are one of those products that are meant to last for years. Which is normally true if they’re properly taken care of, and only worn hiking. Although, on most occasions the brand will have everything to do with how long you have them for, and how well they perform. Generally they cost more, but well worth it when they last a very long time.

Top hiking boot brands are definitely worth the investment if your looking for comfort, support, and durability. It’s money well spent if you love to explore the outdoors by way of remote trails through the mountains. Choosing the right boot can be a bit of a daunting task, what with all the different styles and brands out there. In this article I will cover some of the top brands that make good hiking boots, to help you narrow down your choices.

Should I get a boot or a shoe?

When it comes to footwear for hiking, one thing that could be considered is where you’ll be doing most of your trekking. Do your voyages consist of urban park paths, rolling hills, rocky mountain sides, or all of the above? Since hiking shoes are lighter and more comfortable, they are really only ideal for smoother terrains and drier conditions, such as around campsites, well maintained even trails, and for trail running.

Choosing the right hiking boots can be a little trickier, depending on what type of hiker you are. Unless your a serious mountaineer a mid weight boot is generally the most practical, they are versatile, constructed for better durability, and help protect your feet and ankles better. Ideal terrain for these type of boots would normally consist of wet conditions, rocky, covered in roots, and very steep.

Top brand # 1

Salomon – In 1947 Georges Salomon started this brand from Annecy France, and quickly revolutionized ski bindings by the 50s and 60s. Then went on to do the same for ski and Nordic boots in 79′-80′, and in just ten years went on to sell over 15 million pairs of those boots. Following that great success inspired them to launch their first hiking boot in 1992, and have since made quality products covering a wide range of outdoor sports, while improving technology.

Salomon’s purpose has always been to enable people to connect with nature, and to play and progress. Their core values include, imagination, family spirit, commitment, and simplicity. And with that they have maintained their dedication to quality and are among, in my opinion, one of the best boot manufactures in the world. Although they only carry six styles of mid-weight hikers for men and women leaving you with few choices, you can’t go wrong with the level of comfort and quality.

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Top brand # 2

The North Face – Since 1966 The North Face’s fundamental mission has stayed the same, which is to provide the best gear for athletes and explorers, support the preservation of the environment, and inspire exploration. Founded by two hiking enthusiasts in North Beach, San Francisco, they quickly started designing and manufacturing their own brand of technical mountaineering equipment and apparel.

Their popularity and sponsoring grew quickly over the next several years, which helped launch their tradition that’s still going strong to this day, reinforcing The North Face mantra, “Never Stop Exploring”. The broadening of their sportswear market began in the 90s with their Tekware trademark, which helped them develop a line of hiking boots and trail running shoes that are highly functional and durable.

With roughly half a dozen styles of mid-weight hikers for men and women, you would be hard-pressed to go wrong with choosing this brand. The high level of comfort and durability will ensure that you’ll have a great pair of boots for years to come.

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Top brand # 3

Merrell – In 1981 Randy Merrell teamed up with his partners to design a high performance more affordable model of hiking boots. Applying a no compromise approach to boot making by combining American cowboy boot technology with an Italian boot making process, makes it a design that lasts for decades. In fact one of their earliest styles that’s still in line today is the Wilderness Boot, with their signature blue laces.

Since their first custom hiking boots to their latest product variation, they have maintained four core values that help remove barriers to enjoying the tremendous outdoors.

The first is comfort, with the belief that you should feel good mentally and physically when doing what you love, and making products that fit as comfortably as possible.

The second is durability, Merrell definitely stands for durable with their high performance long-lasting products. Which are built to hold up over and over in the harshest conditions.

The third is design, they go to great lengths to make sure that what comes together seamlessly is form, functionality, and feel. Making Merrell gear that looks and performs right.

And the fourth and final core value is versatility, with their ground breaking “multi-sport technology”, they make it easy to find a product that suits a wide variety of activities for anyone. Whether it’s climbing mountains, hiking, running, walking, or just sitting around.

With nearly 160 styles for any activity, and an unparalleled reputation for quality and durability, there is no doubt you’ll find footwear that feels like it’s custom made for you. Customer reviews for many of their best products are consistently rated at 4.5 stars or better. Ensuring that you’ll make the right choice when purchasing this awesome brand of footwear.

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Whether it’s boots or shoes.

Finding the right footwear that fits your lifestyle doesn’t have to be much of a challenge when you know who has the best products. Most of these brands are carried by the most common retailers near you in most cases, so I suggest taking your time when looking for that perfect pair of boots or shoes that fits to perfection. When it comes to finding the best deal be sure to know your size in that brand, as it may vary.

Doing some reconnaissance on your best boots is definitely critical if your best deals are online, it’s always a good idea to check with brand websites to get a base for cost before purchase. Once you’ve found that perfect pair by one of these brands, there’s no doubt you will enjoy every minute you spend in them as you explore the world around you.

So put your best boots on, and find your path!

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  1. I live in Asia and I just saw Merrel. It is actually quite good as I live in a really small town. Can you recommend one for beginners which has Merrel brand?

  2. Hi Furkan, thanks for your comment. The Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ventilator is a light weight boot that will provide you with excellent support and durability, and is also one of the more popular styles. Rest assured that when you do buy any Merrell product you will enjoy them for years to come, very well made, and dozens of styles to choose from.

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