Asolo Fugitive GTX Review

Asolo Fugitive GTX Review

Here at Best Boots On we try to bring to the table a wide variety of quality boots to choose from with informative analysis reviews, also I find it doesn’t hurt to mention the origins and missions of some of the best boot brands in the world either. For me understanding the history of a product that is made to enjoy life, adds more value to it somehow, especially when in most cases they are paired with humanitarian, environmental, and community improvements.

Today I will primarily be providing you with all you need to know about a great boot brand in this Asolo Fugitive GTX review. The Fugitive GTX is a popular boot from the broad Asolo lineup in men’s boots, the women’s version will be touched on briefly, it has a different name but it performs just as well as the men’s version. So now just sit back and enjoy a little history lesson and analysis of a great boot and let me help you make a better choice of what to wear on your next trekking adventure.

The Asolo Story

In a little shop north of Venice Italy in a commune called Nervesa della Battaglia, the Zanatta family began making boots in 1946. Employing their own family members, they had a desire to develop higher quality boots that rose above the common standards of the day, and as a result their family business blossomed. As the business progressed into the 60s and 70s the Zanatta’s second generation of boot makers maintained the values and traditions of their parents with steady development.

In 1975 the Asolo brand was founded by Giancarlo Tanzi, who was the inventor of the first hiking boot made with Cordura fabric, which was a very durable nylon product created by Dupont, that was mostly used for luggage and performance apparel in that era. Soon after contributing to the industry with an innovation that changed the way footwear was made by using Cordura, he shocked the outdoor footwear world by creating the first Gore-Tex lined boots.

Taking control of the family business in 1998, the Zanatta family bought the Asolo brand which paired with their values for making high quality footwear. Continuing with their commitment in producing technological innovation and quality, while maintaining their valued traditions, as a result for the last twenty years they have continued to advance with the research and development of producing a better boot.

The Asolo History of Innovation

It didn’t take long after Asolo’s inception in 1975 to become a world leader in performance and technical footwear, and to be on a short list of companies that produced products that covered all the outdoor activities, when it came to trekking. By the 80s the Apparel Footwear System is born for the creation of thermoplastic, lightweight, adaptable, and durable pro alpinist’ boots made from a single mold. Simultaneously, their innovation in developing a waterproof and breathable boot made with GORE-TEX went on to win them a “Golden Compass” award from the Industrial Design Association.

With continued research in the 90s Asolo collaborated with an American organization to create GLOBALINE, that produced a better bio mechanical product. During that decade other innovative technology helped them develop Asoframe, Asobrake and Asoflex, further advancing their brand as an industry leader.

Continuing the tradition of technological break through s into the new century, they were awarded “The best shoe of the year in backpacking category” in the US with model FSN 95 GTX. Other technologies that were introduced in the early 2000s were Duoflex, Asosorb, and a new “Fusion line”, which combined unique designs and lightness to the world of hiking and trekking products.

By 2010 Asolo was considered one of the leading markets of Europe, and were making strides in Asian and North American markets as well. Led by a new introduction from the “Natural Shape” line, for the Editors Choice Award victory in the light hiking category from Backpacker Magazine.

Since 2014 Asolo has gone on to continue winning with their constant advancements in technology and innovation. That year harbored them a “Best In Gear” with the editors of Rock & Ice followed by being recognized as a “Hall of Fame” product by American Backpacker Magazine, and then the “Kauf Tipp” award by German Outdoor Magazine.

Asolo Fugitive GTX Review

This beauty of a boot rates pretty high for a time tested, innovative, high quality product built on long-standing family traditions. With durable, and performance driven technology that also provides targeted comfort, this breathable lightweight boot is capable of living up to the task of going further while supporting you every step of the way.


  • Asoflex torsional support designed to prevent bruising
  • Vibram sole for excellent grip
  • Gore-tex lining provides ventilation and waterproof
  • Polyurethane midsole is highly resilient
  • Italian leather and suede
  • Cordura fabric for stable protection and lightweight comfort

Boot factors

One great option about these great boots is that when the soles wear out there will be no need to send them to the back of the closet, assuming nothing else is wrong with them, because all you will need to do is send them off to Asolo and they will resole them for you. How many other hiking boot brands do that? Not many I’m sure. With the track record this brand has for quality footwear that may very well be the least of your problems for these great hikers, that alone for me would be worth it.

Durable, that’s what many have concluded with some people having these boots last as long as ten years, with the average being around seven. It’s considered a heavier boot at 3 lbs 2oz as a result of the stiffer outsole and rigid ankle support, but it has a quick break in time and is better suited with backpacks under 30 lbs, making it best for use on most terrains with it’s waterproof and flexible capabilities.

With the Asobrake heel design, traction is at a premium after a few hours of use from the forward slanted tread and softer sole allowing the boot to conform more to the terrain. Overall the great comfort features will conform to the contours of your feet more quickly, making the break in period less of a burden after only a couple of days.

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All in all

When it comes to durable high quality lightweight hiking boots, do yourself a favor and give Asolo a try, they are a proven industry leader and are world renowned for their commitment to the trekking community with performance driven products. Although I haven’t found any charitable programs that they commit to, humanitarian or environmentally, they are active in sponsoring climbing events like Ouray Ice Festival, and IPSO, as well as many world-class alpine climbers like, Lucie Hrozova, Mitsugu Yoshida, Masayugi Nara, Project 5 Peaks, and many more.

Asolo to this day remains dedicated to innovation, an ergonomic fit, and a brand that stays vigilant in maintaining a reputation of production quality. Backed by the best after sales service you’ll find anywhere. That’s my take on these great boots, if you would like to continue the conversation, have something to add, or would like to comment on your experiences, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

So put your best boots on, and find your path.

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  1. This article is really great! I really like the layout of your website and the choice of pictures! Although I seldom consider the choice of shoes when preparing to go out, I decided to pay more attention to shoes after reading your article! I learned a lot! Thank you for your innovation!

  2. Asolo boots look incredible! I love the design it sounds like they are super comfortable and durable. If I could afford the stiff price tag, I’d definitely buy some because they appear worth it! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to get a pair of these for my son at Christmas.

  3. I like your style of writing. I never knew about the history of Asolo but I love the great lightweight hiking boot. These boots (regular width) fit me perfectly. For their light weight, these boots are somewhat stiff and offer good ankle support. They are definitely water proof and very comfortable. I expect that these will last a long, long time based on my previous experience with Asolo boots. Very informative post, looking forward to know history of other boot brands 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment Cathy. I think Asolo sizes start at 8.5 mens, but if you check out one of my other articles there may be something reviewed there that is more affordable with just as good a product. Good luck, take care.

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